How To Add Sales to Google Analytics Reports

Adding sales is the single best improvement that can be done to Google Analytics reports. It helps to report revenue each of the marketing channel produces in a familiar user interface.

This guide explains how to set up a server-to-server integration for Google Analytics e-commerce transactions. While Google Analytics / GTag JS has ability to send online transactions, this isn’t adequate for many businesses’ needs.

Server-to-server integration allows to report sales that can’t be captured in browser: closed CRM deals, revenue from subscriptions when payments are successfully processed, online sales that can’t be tracked by GA code alone because they may happen across multiple devices or use browser with ad blocking plugin.

Google Analytics provides a so-called ‘measurement protocol’, which allows to send all of these sales to the system as e-commerce transactions.

Google Analytics Setup

The first step is to locate the Google Analytics tracking id for the property you’d like to use for reporting.

Open Google Analytics, Admin – Property Settings page. Tracking Id should be the first item on the list. Record it.

Formsable Setup

The easiest way to attribute purchases to Google Analytics user ids is to use Formsable app, which does it automatically.

After completing general Formsable setup, open ‘API Credentials’ tab. Select ‘Google Analytics’ service and enter Tracking Id in the Access Token field. Leave Refresh Token blank and enter arbitrary name you’d like to use as a reference (for example, corresponding Google Analytics property name). Press ‘Save’.

Open ‘Outbound’ tab. Select the Google Analytics Credential you’ve just saved and ‘Purchase’ event type. Press ‘Save’.

At this point required integration setup is complete and Formsable will start sending all purchases it attributed to Google Analytics visitors to Google Analytics Measurement API. They’ll appear in the Conversions – E-commerce reports. The e-commerce conversions can also be set up to be displayed in standard Google Analytics reports such as Acquisition Report: